Long Distance Relationship

What do you guys think about LDR? Is it fun? Is it suck?

Personally i hate LDR. Yes, i do. And i hate the fact that now i'm doing such LDR. I don't like being far from someone i love. It's like screw myself up. I often get mad because i can't accept the fact that i can't be far from him. I want to stay close with him in every second of my life.

Okay, in the beginning, i was the one who decided to go abroad. I was the one who decided to go far away from him. But it was not because i don't want to stay close with him. There was a reason why i should decided so.

Now, i'm not regret that i've decided to go abroad. Because i like the place where now i'm living at. But i just regret that i should lost all the time which could be spent together with him.

Sometimes i feel so tired to do it. I feel like maybe this is the time to give up. Maybe this is the time to end everything. But is it?

I have so many dreams of how our life will be in the future. I don't want to let them all dissapear. Can i survive? Can he? Can we? I really don't know. I'm just hoping so.


frau.elize said...

LDR never works for me. hate it so bad
its so cool ure in tokyo for your studies! :)

veniArni said...

you can do it honey!! of course! there is a way for you both, im doing LDR too and i think its make me and my boyfriend always miss each other and if theres time we can meet, i always feels there is buterfly in my stomach like when first time i saw him! its true!! hihihiii
btw, visit my blog too, and i really appreciate if you leave a comment! thanks!!

edhika said...

@frau.elize : uh, i hope i'll have a better luck with LDR. and thanks if you think it's cool ;)

@veniArni : thanks for the support..and i have visited your blog and left a comment as you wished ;)

Rani Nur Rosulli said...

it sounds lit bit suck ,, LDR,,
i'm going to face such LDR for 1,5 year,,
wish LDR works in me..

wish u luck darl,
visit my blog,, drop comment if u want,, :) nice to know ur blog

Febi Purnamasari said...

we're same!! XD
but the difference is you're much further than mine. me, Jakarta-Semarang, and you, Indonesia-Japan?? wow :O
I've been in LDR for more than 1,5 years and we can do it! We love each other so much and the most important thing is T2: trust and transparency.

Good luck!
anyways, I've got questions for ya. you're veiled, so do you have any difficulties in living in Tokyo? how was your journey to Tokyo? cuz ya know, veiled women are being discriminated by the airport procedure :S

edhika said...

@Febi Purnamasari : You're great. I hope my boyfriend and i can do it too.
No, i don't have any difficulty living in tokyo. nobody ever discriminated me here. maybe, what i can't do here because i'm veiled is when i want to apply part-time job in restaurant.
Yeah, i heard about that discrimination in aiport procedure too. but thankfully nothing happened to me. i just do the procedur like the other passangers. maybe it's also depending on the type of visa. because i have student visa, maybe they don't really bothered if i was veiled or not. :)