Is It Silly? :p

I'm 19 years old. And i just bought my FIRST mascara!
I don't know why but i just feel like, euuww, maybe those girls around town had already bought their first mascara on their earlier ages than me.
The reason why i never had mascara before, because in my previous university, Bogor Agricultural University, i never saw the girls doing some make up touch on their face. Maybe they just use such compact powder. So i always think twice before i want to have some make up on my face.
In my previous university, i used to use only moisturizer and baby powder on my face, and purple or brown eye liner, and lip balm sometimes.
But now, here in Tokyo, in my present university, every girls here do so much efforts with their make up. So, i just started to think about buying a new mascara, hehe. And finally i bought it yesterday after finishing the last course.

Lash Expander Frame Plus - Majolica Majorca - 1.260 JPYIt has two sides of the brush, what i know is that this kind of mascara makes your eye lash seems thicker. Because there was a picture of how your eye lash will be next to the sample, at the store.

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karl's sweet child said...

i dont wear mascara but i'd buy 'your mascara' for the bottle..its too cute!