I Was So Relieved

I had a hard time last night with my presentation stuff, and slept late at night. Then i had to wake up so early in the morning. Because today is my first day to do アルバイト (read: arubaito, means: part-time job). That's why i didn't want to be late on my first day, and also in the rest days. From now (actually i signed the contract yesterday) i work for Odakyu Building Service.
You must be curious about what kind of job that i've been doing (since i've started this morning)?!
Say yes, please? ;p
So, i'm gonna tell you now. I work as cleaning service at my campus area. It's not a bad job cuz i'm gonna get a lot of money from this job. The payment is 1300 JPY per hour from monday to friday with the working hour 07.00-08.30 and 1000 JPY per hour for saturday with the working hour 08.00-10.00. While it's not a really hard job to be honest. Me and the other 留学生 (read: ryuugakusei, means: foreign student) only have to clean the campus area. It isn't hard because there are so many people so that we are divided into some groups and clean different spots.

this is the uniform that i have to wear

After morning baito (this is how people usually say it), i began to feel so nervous. Because i was gonna present my happyou (means: presentation) soon. I can't describe how i felt at that time for sure. Extremely nervous. I was thinking of not going to the first class for final preparation (reviewing the material and so on). But then i kept going to the first class. And after the first class finished, i felt so bad. I thought i wasn't ready yet.
But then i had to go on. And precentate my happyou. Well, after the discussion session, when people could ask as many as they wanted as long as there are still enough time, then i closed my happyou. And i was so relieved at that time. No more burden. Yippeee!!!


Ramadhona Saville said...

eh anak dibawah umur,
yang rajin baitonya yah

edhika said...

demi bisa pulang!

Riky said...

Luar bias de.,,,kakak salut. Ganbatte kudasai ne !!!