The Pride of Being Indonesian Representative

Okay, finally i've decided what i'm going to post for the first time. LOL.

Since now i'm living in Tokyo, Japan, sometimes i feel so proud when people have curiosity about Indonesia, as it is my homecountry. So, i was so interested when there're chances to represent anything about Indonesia, for example showing our culture. Yepp. Finally i danced for twice on April 2009.

What do you think about Japanese people reaction?

Well, they were so interested to watched the dance. Oh yeah, i forget to tell you what dance it was. It's Bali's traditional dance which is called Cendrawasih. Japanese people were courios about the story behind Cendrawasih dance and also the costum that i wore.

this is my photo.LOL.

Anyway, do you all know what is the story behind Cendrawasih dance? As Indonesian people, it's better if you know it^^.

So, in short, this dance tell a story about a couple of birds that playing together.

Hoho. Keep that on your mind guys! Then see ya!

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