Nihongo no Tesuto

Just finished today's Japanese exam. I don't know did i do it perfectly or not. But i hope so :)
For Japanese people, maybe this test will be so much easy. But for me, i should do extra efforts to answer all the questions, thinking not only once but twice or even more before deciding what are the right answers.
It's been 2 months i stayed in Tokyo. But still, i feel like an alien each time i want to talk with Japanese people. Nihongo (Japanese Language) is totally hard for me. It's not only because of the grammar or vocabulary, but in speaking style, there are so much rules in order to stay polite. Last night i studied nihongo, then i read that when you want to talk about the topic with someone, you can't talk straight to the topic, but you should do some steps before it, maybe such opening speech. That's why it becomes harder.
But i'm happy though. I'm so spiritful to learn more the nihongo. I hope i can mastered it soon :)