Evolution of Iphone Camera

Been neglecting this blog for some time, but hey I am back! :)

So today I would make a post about one of the lovely feature from iPhone, which is the camera. Whether you are a photography enthusiast who love to capture beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks on your journey, or basically you just love to take selfies, camera feature in your phone would be a great tool to count on.
I am not necessarily an Apple's products freak, but I should admit I have and been using some of its products. And iPhone is one of them. Honestly I was not a fan of the early generation of iPhone. I started to consider of buying one after the release of iPhone 4. And that's when I started using an Apple's iPhone. I was using it for more than two years without upgrading to newer version, the 4s and 5. Actually I had those moments when I started to consider about getting an iPhone 5, simply because I saw a great improvement in the camera feature. But, well it seems like I was much more realistic than I thought that I decided not to buy it because I thought my iPhone 4 was still decent enough.
However, ahead of iPhone 5s release, I began to feel that my phone had gotten slower, slower, and slower and I hated the low quality photos (LOL). So, yes, I finally got my iPhone 5s and of course improved speed, gold color, and better camera succeed in making me satisfied with my new phone.
Well, now the newer versions are there in the market already, but I am not planning to get one anytime soon. First reason, I am not impressed with the size! Why Apple decided to make it bigger like that? If they would launch the Plus, why bother make the regular size bigger?! Maybe it's just my personal taste since I have relatively small palms :p
Anyway, now here is the talk about the iPhone camera evolution. But I am not the one who is gonna do it because someone already did! Lucky you! :)
Here is the link to the article written by Lisa Bettany (her site is on my 'worth to check' list btw). She did comparison from the first generation until the newest one (iPhone 6).
And to ended the post, enjoy this pic I took with iPhone 5s camera in Hitachi Seaside Park last week :) Ciao!