Nice Reminder: YOU Are More Beautiful Than You Think!

Long story short, I stumbled across this video of Dove brand marketing. I don't necessarily mean to promote the product because I'm not a user at the moment. What I want to share is the message which it's trying to deliver. It seems that this video hit millions plays on youtube and became quite a news that I wasn't realized until just now.
Okey, take your time and have a look :)


Hello 2014! Hello New Harvest Moon Series :D

Hello everyone! It's been almost a week after the year changed to 2014. Honestly I'm still in the mood of holiday but there's no time to laze around anymore.
How was your new year's eve? I spent mine with a little adventure (LOL) and it was great!
Btw if any of you are fans of Harvest Moon (yes, the game!), there will be a new Harvest Moon game for Nintendo 3DS released in February :D I can't wait!