"Balon Udara" at Different Places

First of all i'd like to thank Sherina for singing "Balon Udara" years ago! It has became one of my favorite songs. Grateful that in my generation, there are lots of great kids' songs sang by Sherina, Joshua, Trio Kwek-kwek, etc. Then some years after that kids started to sing love songs. But I heard, in the recent "Idola Cilik" tv program, they've been singing kids songs again! Cool! I wish kids nowadays in Indonesia could enjoy more songs which are appropriate to their ages.

Btw, often when I travel to different places, and realize at how great the weather is, I could feel that there's an urge to sing "Balon Udara". Started from last year trip to Kamakura, we recorded a video of us singing the song. So these are some videos..hehehe..
Just for fun!

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Zhafirah said...

you have a beautifull voice, edhika-san XD