Officially submitted my thesis today :D
Just yeay :D


Bye 2012! Hello 2013!

It's January 8th already, but I think it isn't too late to post something about new year, is it?

2012, the year when I finally had to face the reality that I would be in my senior year.
2012, the year when I tried to think what my future plans after graduating from university would be.
Well, even now I haven't been able to create a long-term plan for myself, but at least I know I don't really want to work yet because I haven't figure out what kind of work would be good for me. Of course I know that I would never know whether a job is good or not until I give it a try. Anyway I just don't want to work yet. So I decided to continue my study. Quite a simple reason, right? Actually I wished that the reason I decided to continue my study was passion. But, honestly, no, that's not the reason. Too bad, I know.
2012, again I couldn't bear a room-mate. But thank God, she left after one semester :D
2012, had a lot of trips and adventures! 
2012, the year when I turned into a quite 'freak' fangirl of a Japanese boy band, Arashi. I know, many people around me couldn't bear to stay around me 'cuz I would start to babble everything related to Arashi. But it's just so frustrating to keep all the excitements by myself. :p This fangirl euphoria actually made me broke. It doesn't mean that I spent all of my money, but my savings haven't been increasing in the past months. haha. Well, of course the reason is not only fangirl-ing, but basically I tend to shop when my mood isn't so good. haha. Back to Arashi, in 2012, I went to two of big events of them. Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou and Popcorn Tour Concert!! Although the seats in both events were quite far from the stage, the atmosphere was super amazing. I should admit their voices aren't so great, but the entertainments that they always give are really great. Although I only have been to their concert once, I could feel the greatness of the entertainments through their concerts' dvds, too. Well, I think this fangirl-ing thing will still continue through 2013 :p
2012, made me think a lot about everything. Some stuff might have not ended in a good conclusion. But I think that's life. There's good and there's bad. We just gotta accept it.
2012, bye!
God, thank you for the wonderful year!

First week of the year has passed but I haven't been so productive yet. I slept a lot, it's like a payback after the hectic weeks of thesis-writing. haha.
2013, let's walk slowly, don't run too fast!


Btw, yesterday I finally had a baking lesson again. I made maple almond breads! Tasted good :9