I know I hardly know what people feel deep down their hearts, but based on what I observed on some people, how they act with different people, how they talk with different people, I could see that there're at least two types of "kind" person.
1. A person who is truly kind; every nice act, every nice speech, every smile, is done with sincere.
2. A person who is kind because he/she doesn't want people to think bad of him/her.

Sometimes I think whether should I make myself seems nice or kind just so people don't hate me. But I'd rather be frank. I won't mind if people hate me because I'm not kind. You know, we don't meet with each of every people we know all the time. A judgment made by just few 'first' impressions is possibly one of the most ridiculous things which even exist in the world.

I personally think we could know how sincere a person is after a long encounter, interaction. I hope someday I could be a truly kind person.

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