To someone miles away,
Thank you for everything. Sayonara!


The 4th Spring in Japan

I never thought three years would pass so fast. Three years ago on April 8, I arrived in Japan to continue my study. Three years have passed since then. I'd be lying if I said I haven't changed for the past three years. I do think I've changed quite a lot. Well, as in appearance, I've gained 6 kilos in three years and you can see it clearly from my cheeks and else. Besides that, I do feel the way I think about something, the way I see things (matters) might have changed, too. But I still can't change the fact that I'm a quite short-tempered person. Sometimes I can't listen to people not because I don't want to but because I feel they don't give convincing reasons. By the way, it makes me realized that there are so many people who aren't good communicators. Maybe I'm also one of them. God, I seriously think if everyone could communicate well, this world will be so peaceful. For me myself, the fact that I can't tell what I want to and the fact that people can't get what I want to tell are so frustrating. I could be very upset because of that.
And this is the thing that haven't changed in three years, the thing that I always find myself lost in the middle of my post. Suddenly I can't figure what I want to write. hehe.
In these three years, I learned that it isn't easy to find people with same interests, same visions, or even if they're not the same at any of the things I said, at least people who we can get along with in many ways. Spending a lot of time with someone, doesn't always mean we can get along well with that person. Sometimes there's a kind of reluctance to bring up disagreement only to avoid conflict. But in the end we can't always avoiding differences, there will a point where we feel tired.
Anyway, last March my mom paid a visit to Japan for work but I could also get to hang out with her since I  tagged along with her. And here it is a photo of me and my mom. Some photos of sakura (cherry blossom) will follow :)
me and mom in Niigata
taken at Shinjuku Gyoen on April 7
taken at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura on April 8
taken at Kamakura Daibutsu on April 8