Thought of The Day

Since high school i never really knew what did i really wanna learn about. I could not set a certain goal like most of my friends did on our senior year. My friends were so busy attending prep classes for universities' entrance examinations, while i was just amazed looking at how they were really passionate on trying to reach their dreams. At that time i chose to study computer science, but i never really sure what was the motive behind that. Well, what i know at least i thought it might be cool if could be an expert on that field. There i went to study computer science, but before i could dive to the field, God sent me to Japan where now i am studying international bio-business. Sometimes i try to think deeply what do i really learn here. I dont think i've become much smarter than when i was a high schooler. Well perhaps i'm not as smart as before since i've totally forgot most of physics formulas or cross reaction on chemistry. Yes i learned a bit of business management, marketing, management strategy, and also a (very) little of computer programming, database, etc. But at this point, on my third year in the university, i begin to ask myself again. Is this really what i want to learn?
So far i enjoy studying what i've been studying, but i just dont think this fits me the best. Yes, indeed i got to blame myself for always been less-inspired when it comes to find what i really want.
There are times when me and friends were going to eat then we discussed on what we're gonna eat. And my friends started to mention food names but i just responded by saying 'i dont want that, i dont what this, blablabla, but i dont know what i want to eat.' Yeah, its often happen to me. I know what i dont like but i have zero idea on what i like.
Maybe i just need to know myself better, i need to try bunch of new stuff. Who knows someday i will discover what passion really is. One thing i know about what i wish i could do later in the future, i want to contribute to society development. And the problem is, i still need to figure out the 5W+H. Yeah i know, i got a long road to go. I just need to keep on trying and stop procrastinating.
Anyway, 2011 will be over in less than two weeks. Have you done all your resolution for the year? I dont have any though. hehe. All that i know 2011 was a really unforgettable year. I wish i could be more grateful each time i look back to what have happened in the past three hundred something days.
Enjoy the rest of the year with happiness ya all :D

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