Dear No One

Howdy y'll! I'm coming back with something that i think is a must thing to share cuz i believe there're many of you who could relate to it. Thanks to Tori Kelly for writing this song, called "Dear No One". Enjoy :)


Our Favorite Thing

I recognize that this one thing is one of our favorite things to do. It is a photobooth thing which is called as Purikura in Japan.
The most interesting about purikura which makes it different with other photobooth we find in other countries is that it makes our eyes look bigger and much rounded. Just as cute as the characters in Japanese manga (well, only if you consider that as cute though haha)
So here is the latest purikura that me, Dhilla, and Kidu took together last weekend ;)


Pocky Date! And, Birthday!

Hey all! It's pocky day hahaha! A day which i heard there are so many people are getting married today. Well, i got to be honest i also had a dream to get married on this day! Haha. But, it's just too early for me. So, NO. I should wait for the right moment. hehe
Anyway what so special about today for me is... It's my birthday today! Going further in my twenties. :) Oh, I feel old already. But anyway thanks to these girls Dhilla and Kidu who were trying to surprise me last night, and it was kind of failing a bit, but still, i didn't expect that you two would do so! So i appreciate your efforts, girls :D Thanks for making the start of this day sweet :) And also thanks for everyone for greeting me with birthday wishes through facebook, twitter, sms, and straight to me, etc :D Love you all!
My fave strawberry shortcake, Dhilla&Kidu, a sweet detail on the birthday gift :)


Daisuki na Dorama, Daisuki na Uta

Hey everyone! It's been a while, isn't it? These couples of weeks have been crazy. Harvest Festival has passed. It was exhausting but fun at the same time. Followed with a week full of essays. Most of my energy probably used up and I finally caught cold. But I'm a lot better now, at least i don't feel pain on my throat anymore.
Btw, Eid Mubarak for all of you who celebrated it yesterday :D The funny thing about yesterday is that when RIP Shaun the Sheep became a trending topic on twitter. Wasn't that hilarious? It was probably because many non-moslems didn't get the joke created by some Indonesians. Haha.
So anyway, the next thing doesn't related to the stuff i talked above, but it does to the title. I'm gonna share to you one of my favorite songs, which is the theme song of my favorite Japanese drama. It's titled "Ohisama, taisetsuna anata e". Enjoy :D