Why Does Color Matter?

I suddenly wonder why does sometimes color matter? In this case, i'm talking about what color we wear. Today, i just took any clothes that i could easily find in my wardrobe. Turned out that they're dominantly black. Actually i wore a greyish pants and beige onepiece, but i added a black cardigan and a black scarf.
Then i went to the campus, met few friends before and during the class. Few of them were asking "Why do you wear black?" And i was like "Why? It's okay, right?"
I ended up thinking what's so weird about wearing black today? Maybe because it's summer? So we have to wear something brighter.
But, back in my home country which has only two seasons; dry and wet seasons, i guess it's normal to wear black even in a
bright sunny day. Well, although i had an experience when one of the lecturers said she was wondering why many of us liked to wear black.
Anyway, i don't really care whether it's summer or winter, i just like to wear anything that i feel like to wear. No matter what people think about it. How about you?

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