Welcome New Semester :)

School has finally started since last week. Luckily i'm enjoying the most of it. Now i think we could really feel that life has actually been normal aftersince the disaster.
This semester i'll start to be a member of new lab *we don't do something like chemical experiment though*. I'm excited to know more Japanese friends here. But one thing that might be more important is that i have to start thinking of my graduation thesis from now on. I hope this tiny brain of mine could work well :)
Anyway i'm updating this post using my new gadget! Yes i finally got myself an iPhone :)


Pray For Japan "Tsuru"

This is a video made by Indonesian Student Association in Japan together with Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo. Well, i'm actually a committee in the association, but i didn't contribute anything in the making of the video. So, i think that it's one way to contribute by helping to spread the video here :)
Please be kind to click the "like" button for this video on Youtube :)
Let's pray for Japan!

Some Snaps!

I'm so bored today. Can't wait till around 4 pm so i could leave my room and do something. So, as i tried to chill out a bit, i decided to post some photos that i took last weekend when i went for hanami *enjoying cherry blossoms* with my friends. Just so you know, that day was a real great day! We were all happy :D


Still Need To Be Alert

Today is exactly a month after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake happened. Along with the cherry blossoms which now have already bloomed, people, which also including me are trying to welcome the beautiful season with new spirit, leaving the bitter past behind.

We're trying yet this earth we stand on is not finished with its business. It's still bringing us strong shakes even today. Another magnitude 7.1 earthquake happened with the center at Fukushima. Tsunami warnings and advisories were released for a while along the east coast line of Japan from Miyagi to Chiba following the earthquake. Fortunately now those warnings and advisories had been canceled. And so far, there are no irregular activities reported at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

No matter how many earthquake would still happen from now on, i just hope we all can stay stand strong above this earth we live in.

God, please keep us under Your guard :)