Random #Prince Charming

Many ladies wait till their prince charmings come by riding their white horses. Well, that happens a lot, in fairy tales though. As for me, well, i'm not actually waiting for my prince charming, but i've been daydreaming of getting a visit by someone, singing while playing his guitar. Any song will do, as long as it calms me down. 


Chicha, Decha, and The Missing iPod

Hi friends :)
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I went to a talkshow yesterday where there were 3 japanese and 1 french who decided to be Moslems and shared their stories. And today was a cleaning day up to the afternoon, then i just browsed around the net and listened to some good musics.
Anyway, i finally decided a name for each danbo of mine. I named the mini danbo Chicha, and for the big danbo, i named it Decha :)
What do you think? Cute, right? :D
Well, actually i should've started preparing for my final exam, but.. yeah ok, i will, right after i've done posting this.


Some Clips From Nagano :)

So, i finally did combine some clips taken by Mas Asad (Abu) during the trip to Mandarao, Nagano when we went snowboarding. This video isn't to show you how great we were, but just to share how much fun we had there. And you could also see some silly scenes when some of us fell down. And for us, it just makes us laughing each time we see it and makes us wanna go again so soon (but  i guess not until next year :p).
So, enjoy..


The Trees and The Moon

It's winter already but the snow hasn't fell yet here in Tokyo. Can't lie that i'm quite excited for the snow to fall, but in the other hand, i don't really like how it bites every little inch of my skin. 
There was no class today. I think that's because tomorrow there will be a college entry exam held in all over Japan (well, i don't know if it's right or not actually. hehe), and my campus will be one of the places to hold the exam. A bit thankful for not having any classes today cuz i haven't finished my reports, but also feel so bored. Then i took a ride around the area with my bicycle, dropped by at some stores to buy food and some other stuff, enjoyed the bright sunny day, alone, just by myself. Being alone sometimes is just exactly what i need.
Anyway, they just cut the trees in the dorm. Kinda sad because only few branches left, but also happy at the same time because now i have broader view from my room. That's the moon, the remaining branches, and the building no. 18 of my campus. Feels like it's gonna be a calm night :)


One Plus Four

A photo that i took quite long time ago, oh well maybe a month ago, when i and some of my friends were waiting to see the lunar eclipse from the rooftops of our dorms (boy's dorm and girl's dorm). Too bad we couldn't see the eclipse because it was cloudy ;(

Next, some photos of my danbo family that i took during my trip to Nagano last week. I went to Nagano for snowboarding with some friends. It was so much fun even though i got a really bad neck and back pain as the trade off. But i wish i could go back there and do snowboard again anytime soon (haven't make a plan yet, but still hoping that it will be true). Btw, i did stupidity when i wanted to take these photos below. FYI, the temperature was below 0 at that time (of course!) and i went out from the hotel wearing a pair of sandals and borrowed a friend's jacket. I didn't wear any gloves at that time. I tried to make a snowman as the photo property. But once i touched the snow, my hands were freezing and really hard to move. I couldn't even hold the camera properly. So it took quite some times till my hands could move again and could click the shutter button properly. hehehe..and my feet were also freezing because i just put on sandals (-__-").

Anyway it was so cold today. I think it's now still extremely cold in all over Japan. My friend told me that it will be around -1 degree celcius tomorrow morning at 7 am (but we won't have snow yet. grrr..). And that's the time for me to go to the morning baito. Oh, it's gonna be sooooo not okay. I hate cold weather ;( Well, the thing is that i must not forget to bring my gloves so that my hands won't be freezing like what happened today when i ride back my bicycle from the station to the dorm. My hands were painfully red.


"We're Trashing The Planet" - the story of cosmetics

Hey all, how are you?
Today when i signed to my facebook account, i saw on my news feed that one of my friend shared a video from storyofstuff.org and i think that video was very interesting and quite informative if you haven't known the fact about some stuff that was produced but is actually creating trashes to our planet, and even much worse than that that stuff is actually poisoning us with lots of toxic.
So, here i also want to share one of the video, hope you'll enjoy it :)



I watched and listened to this song in NHK channel last night around the changing of year time. Listening to the lyric brought teardrops from my eyes..really touching :')