My Favorite Japanese Actor :D

Hellooo people :D
Today i want to tell you my favorite Japanese Actors. Hehehe. I really love Japanese drama. I think most of them have really great stories. But there are several dramas which became my favorites, they are the dramas which are played by my favorite actors..hihi..
And who are they??
So, the first actor that always ties my eyes to keep watching him is Kimura Takuya :D
He is not young anymore though..hihi. But he always gives his best when he acts in dramas. Some dramas that i love from him are Engine, Hero, Lucky, and Tsuki no Koibito. Yeay yeay i like him soooo much..
The second one is Naohito Fujiki.. :D
Actually i've only seen 3 dramas of him. Hotaru no Hikari (1) and (2), and also Proposal Daisakusen. I like him the best in Hotaru no Hikari when he acted as Buchou!! "Buchou! Buchou!" hihihi..

Well, anyway..sorry i just don't know what to write and i'm just soooo in love with KimuTaku and Buchou these days..hehe

note: image src from google and www.fbi-web.jp


Indah Nurmawarti said...

sama sama sama bangettttt....
sama banget artis idolanya,,,fujiki naohito,,keyeeeennnnn
kimutaku juga keyeeeeennnnnnn....

edhika said...

iyaa mereka keren banget dua2nyaa..
ganteeeng n charming :D