Danbo Quartet Shared Love :D

Hi people :D
How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one, cuz i also had a great one which i spent together with friends and our danbo(s)..
Who doesn't like ice cream? Well, i guess maybe there're some of you who don't really like ice cream the way i do. I do really love ice cream!! a looott :D One of my favorite is Cookie Minster from Coldstone..hehehe
So, yesterday me, Dhilla, and Mbak Rani went to enjoy ice cream at Royal Host. I think the ice cream name was Chocola&Berry Parfaet.. It's limited for winter edition. And it's sooo yummy. It becomes one of my favorite ice cream at Royal Host after the Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae. 
Then, i went to Shinjuku with Dhilla, Akira, and Rama to see a popular landmark in Shinjuku and also winter illumination (this is one reason why i love winter, esp. December. Because there are lots of illuminations). Too bad i didn't checked my camera's battery before i went there. So i could only take few photos there until finally my camera was out of battery.
Anyway, good that i was able to take these photos. Enjoy :D

*ps: when we were sooo serious taking photos of our danbo, there was a foreigner (eerrr...well we were aslo foreigner since we're in Japan..hehe) who asked if we might know about devian art. Then she said she saw photos of danbo a lot there. And before she left, she took a photo of us and danbo :D

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