The 119th Nodai Harvest Festival

Hellooo people! I'm back after those tiring days starting from the preparation till the 2 and a half days of selling indonesian mie goreng at The 119th Nodai Harvest Festival. So, this is my second time joining the harvest festival, but what happened during this year's festival was soooo much different with the last year's. Lots of unpredictable situations happened. And the most unexpected thing was the number 14 typhoon, which then known as Chaba Typhoon, hit most of Japan's eastern area, including Kanto area. So, the second day of the festival was really hard. It was raining heavily, then the wind was also getting stronger since the typhoon was getting closer. Since i was in the promotion section, so i wore a raincoat  (thanks to Dhilla for lending me the raincoat ^^) and tried to promote mie goreng together with my promotion partner, Rama. Cold, wet, frustated (haha), a lil bit down, maybe that's how i felt on the second day. Moreover, on that day, we could only open the store until 12 pm, because of the typhoon. sigh. Then to attrack customer, we lowered the price from 300yen to 200yen. Even it's quite effective to attract customer, but we couldn't get so much profit because of it.
Anyway, overall, harvest festival this year, is all about training my muscles. hehehehehe. just kidding (but also true actually ;p).
*sorry i don't have any photos to post*

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