When Everybody Should Stop


Look at the traffic lights. They were all red at the same time.
Of course, it wasn't because there was en error. Nope. Hey, it's Japan! ;p
There were actually festival parades crossing the road there :D


My Dear Little Danbo :D

after a long sleep
try to lift up my head
uhm? where am i?
well, let's just take a walk ;)
So, it is my mini-danbo which i ordered about a month ago. But since it was out of stock at that time, so i just got it delivered yesterday. I'm so happy!! I can't wait to play with my dear little danbo. And i wish i could have another one, which has bigger size than the one that i just got. Anyone would want to be kind enough to buy me one? hehehehe..


Happy Ied All ;)

Sorry for all of the mistakes i've done ;)


dududududuuu.. ;(

Even coming home can not be the way to solve the problems...
Currently stressful ;'(