Hi Twinkle! ;p

Why twinkle? So here is a little explanation about that. I just had a kind of english conversation class about a half hour ago. And what we were doing during the class was talking about some 'interesting' topics outside the topics that we should have done from the book. In the beginning we were talking about the newest version of iPhone, iPhone 4 (there were only 5 people in the class including the teacher, and i was the only person who's not an iPhone user) because start from today this new version of iPhone is available in the store. Then suddenly he, the teacher, started to talk about a geek who calls his wife "twinkle". hehehe. What we were thinking was, it's fine with the way he calls his wife, but hey we didn't think that he should post about it again and again on facebook or twitter. hahaha.
Anyway, i want to share a video that i found on youtube just few minutes ago. Here it is.

What i want to underline from this video is not about what i think about her singing. No, not that one. No one would deny if i say she's great. Yes, she is. She sang pretty well. I wish i could sing as good as her. hehehe. Well okay, back to thing that i want to underline, i was a kind of surprised then laughing when i heard the response of the audiences. Specially in minute 3:56 when someone was screaming. Is that how you appreciate a singer that you like? I don't know but i just think it's just funny. ;p

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