The Dancing Clouds

I so love the weather today until suddenly the rain fell. I felt so great especially when i just went out from the class then saw the blue sky and the white clouds this afternoon. I 'm always happy to see this kind of view :D
Then suddenly i remembered a song and started to sing it. It's a song from my childhood sang by Sherina. She was one of the most popular little-girl-singers in my country. Well, actually the title of the song is "Balon Udara" which means Air Balloon. But in the beginning of the song, it says about the blue sky and the white clouds. 
Anyway, after i arrived at my room, i took my camera right away and took some photos of these favorite views of mine :D

Langit biru
Awan putih
Terbentang indah
lukisan yang Kuasa

Di udara
Terbang dengan balon udaraku

Oh sungguh senangnya nikmati bumi
Oo ohh indahnya dunia


ramadhona said...

nani sore,kaya amoeba,haha

edhika said...

hehe..biar kyk amoeba tp lucu kann awannyaa..
sayang foto pertama exposurenya berlebihan :(

Luxury furniture said...

I really like the pics of dancing cloud thanks for share with us.

edhika said...

and i feel glad that you like it :)
you're welcome.