Discussion Forum with Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita

I had a very nice opportunity to attend a discussion forum where Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita as the keynote speaker. Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita, who was ever been as Minister of Mining and Energy in Indonesia and also Head of Bappenas, was having a visit to Japan. He attended a seminar as the keynote speaker, too few days before the discussion forum.
This discussion forum was held by PPI Jepang at Indonesian Embassy, Meguro, Tokyo. It started on 3 pm and ended on 4.30 pm. Because of the limited space of the room, so the comittee also limited the participants. The registration was done a day before. So the participants were about 30 people which included Indonesian students from several universities and some staffs of Indonesian Embassy. Because we just had a short period of time, so during the discussion, Prof. Ginandjar prefered to have Q&A session than to have him given the presentation.
From that discussion, i got some new knowledge that i didn't know before. And i found out that we couldn't see one country's problems from a simple perspective. It's known that the problems of a country happened because some complex causes.
That's why, we, as Indonesian citizens, shouldn't have been complaining to the government all the time.  Yes, it's true that some parts of the government have done mistakes, but there're also some parts of the government who try as hard as possible to manage this country. Of course to make a better situation in our country, whether politically, economically, etc., we need some processes which will take much time. Don't just be a complainer, but be smart, be a thinker, do some acts, let's make a better future!

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readhermind-dy said...

don't be a complainer!
sulit.. kadang orang2 maunya yang singkat, ga pake lama..