Happy Birthday MOM

I'm not good at saying sweet words to you.
But, since today is your special day, and even thousands miles make us apart, i won't let the day leave before i could say..
Happy Birthday MOM
I Love You


Jump and Fly to the Sky!

I wonder if that could really happen, it must be so wonderful. I can touch the cloud, i can feel it, and maybe i can even hug it. And if everyone could do that too, will they all jump and fly to sky?? If  the answer is yes, i'm sure our sky will be full of people jumping and flying around here and there. haha :D
Anyway, this picture is edited by me. Actually i was practicing. But i think the result is not as well as my expectation. Well, i think i really need to practice more. Yey yey yeyy.



I got stuck in the deep hole of boredom.


Discussion Forum with Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita

I had a very nice opportunity to attend a discussion forum where Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita as the keynote speaker. Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita, who was ever been as Minister of Mining and Energy in Indonesia and also Head of Bappenas, was having a visit to Japan. He attended a seminar as the keynote speaker, too few days before the discussion forum.
This discussion forum was held by PPI Jepang at Indonesian Embassy, Meguro, Tokyo. It started on 3 pm and ended on 4.30 pm. Because of the limited space of the room, so the comittee also limited the participants. The registration was done a day before. So the participants were about 30 people which included Indonesian students from several universities and some staffs of Indonesian Embassy. Because we just had a short period of time, so during the discussion, Prof. Ginandjar prefered to have Q&A session than to have him given the presentation.
From that discussion, i got some new knowledge that i didn't know before. And i found out that we couldn't see one country's problems from a simple perspective. It's known that the problems of a country happened because some complex causes.
That's why, we, as Indonesian citizens, shouldn't have been complaining to the government all the time.  Yes, it's true that some parts of the government have done mistakes, but there're also some parts of the government who try as hard as possible to manage this country. Of course to make a better situation in our country, whether politically, economically, etc., we need some processes which will take much time. Don't just be a complainer, but be smart, be a thinker, do some acts, let's make a better future!

The 100th Post In The Snowy Day


Be Black Be Glam

I have nothing to do today. I planned to go to the pool and swim for an hour, but when i got there, it was still on cleaning process. So finally i went back home with a bit upset. Why i was upset? Because i've been riding my bicycle through the cold weather but it ended that way. Huh. Anyway, finally i just sat in front of my laptop and felt my mood was into lookleting. And i became so excited about my latest look on looklet.com. So i feel like i want to post it here :) Go check it and give a heart if you like it, too.
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Be Humble

Found these few words in one of my past teacher's blog. I guess it's a kind of short poem that has been made by his student. But, i like what these words said. A good thing to be kept in mind.
Humbleness is the strange thing in the world
When you think you have it, it means you don’t have it
So, keep being humble, just like you have never been. 
 -Maria Christiningrum XI IPA 8 – SMA Negeri 1 Bogor, Indonesia-


LOVE again

Today i watched one Japanese Drama titled Love Generation. In the middle of the show, i found a good quote and i felt i wanted to shared it here. But actually, i add more words there. Anyway, here it is.



A lot of things happen in life. Both expected things and unexpected things. No matter what they are, the best way to keep living is to face those things. Don't ever run away from things that you think are unexpected. Keep going on! And someday you will find a way.


Trip To Tochigi Prefecture

Yesterday i had a one day trip together with other students and CIP. We went to Tochigi Prefecture, which is located in the northern part of Kanto region. I was excited about the trip and wished that it would be fun. We took about 3 hours by bus to reach Tochigi Pref. 
Okay, now i'm gonna tell you the local places that i visited.

COCO Farm Winery
The winery farm in Tochigi Pref. is one of wine producers in Japan besides those in Hokkaido, Saitama, etc. What makes me interested in this winery farm is that it employs handicap people. The owner of the farm wanted to proof that the farm could make a high quality wine no matter what kind of workers made it. Unfortunately since i don't drink alcohol, and they don't produce wine without alcohol, so i couldn't taste the wine. But i had a glass of grape juice (with soda) and it was great. 

Ashikaga Gakko
Ashikaga Gakko has been said as the oldest university in Japan. But about a century ago, because of the changes in education system of university, Ashikaga Gakko stopped operating. Since then, it became one of the best tourism objects in Tochigi Prefecture. There's also temple and shrine nearby.
Anyway, besides the trip, yesterday i also got another good news *fortunately. I got the result announcement of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. And the result showed that i'm PASSED. Yayyayyyayyy. So happy even it's just level 3 which means that now i should be able having a daily conversation :)



Vertical Light

Last night i went to Roppongi to have a meeting with other Indonesian students at GRIPS campus. Then after having a long talk with everyone then concluded the meeting, some of us decided to have dinner together. This photo was taken on my way from GRIPS campus to Saizeria (the restaurant). Well i think this photo is good enough to be posted here. hehe.

*anyway my school holiday is officially started today :)


Making Other Footsteps

First day of February, just like what the weather forecast said that it would be snowing today from 6 pm. So here is my first snow in Tokyo. Even i've seen greater snow at Nagano, but i was so excited walking through the snow near my dorm. 

Snow :)