At The End of The Month

I've been spending the last three weeks with a mountain of assignments, presentations, and a whole week full of exams. Feel so relieve that i could finally passed those times. Well actually i still have one more exam left on February 2nd, but it's English exam. I don't mean that i'm underestimating this exam, but at least this time i won't need to translate the material from japanese to english for studying. I'm feeling so enough with translating stuff(s). 
Well how was my exam? I couldn't say anything about that, but all i know that i didn't leave those exams' rooms without writing anything. Yes, at least i wrote something on those papers and i don't wanna think about the results now. I've decided that i'm just gonna wait for them. 
Okay, it means that i almost arrive at the end of this academic year. My freshmen year at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Holiday is coming ahead then i'm gonna have new kouhai (juniors) soon. Well, kouhai?? Sounds interesting but honestly that makes me feel older. haha. I guess they're coming on the late March. Yayyyayayyy.
Now, i'm thinking (yes i'm really thinking) on how i'm gonna spend my long holiday. I will have 2 months holiday. What am i going to do?? No idea No No No. Sounds bad. But i wish i could travel around. Hm, wish me a great holiday, friends :)
Anyway today i went to a farm in Sakurashinmachi, Tokyo. I helped them cutting the roots of komatsuna (a kind of spinach but not exactly the same). Great activity on sunday morning :)
a kid was playing the worms