One Stressful Week Has Passed

Yes, the burden that i brought the whole week preparing for the japanese language proficiency test has already gone away. Well, even though i can't say that i'm happy enough about it, because the test was almost killing me. Too many unfamiliar words on the vocabulary test. Bad headache suddenly made me suffered during the last few minutes of test.
Oh well, now i can only wish for miracle so that i could pass the JLPT level 3.
Despite all the bad things about the test, i couldn't let myself to leave the beautiful spot without taking any picture. LOL.
 Finally got to wear my new coat from H&M


Ramadhona Saville said...

yow,udah lama gabuka si "floccinaucinihilipilification"
mudah2an lolos ya nouryokushikennya!gw juga mudah2an ada keajaiban yg bikin gw lolos 1kyu,hhu

edhika said...

amiiinnn.. :)