Shinagawa Aquarium and Tokyo Tower

Exactly last week, on November 3rd, I had a one day trip together with my friends. They were Rama, Ayu and Indrawan. Since it was a national holiday in Japan, so it should be the best opportunity for us. We started the trip from out dorm and went to Shibuya to meet Indrawan there.
The first destination was Shinagawa Aquarium. The entrance fee for adult was JPY 1300. It was a good place. But to be honest, Seaworld in Ancol Jakarta is better than Shinagawa Aquarium. Because the tunel aquarium in Shinagawa is much smaller than in Jakarta. Anyway i enjoyed each second i had there. It was funny when Rama and Indra tried to get good photo shots inside the tunel aquarium. We were waiting for the fishes to cross above us. And i really enjoyed to let he small fishes, which were said could be good for skin care, played with my hand .

We stayed there until when the aquarium was about going to close. Then because of starving, we looked for somewhere to have early dinner. After having dinner, we continued our trip to Tokyo Tower. We were glad because we saw the first day of illumination in Tokyo Tower which also the first in Tokyo this year. The entrance fee for the main observatory was JPY 820.

We also stayed at Tokyo Tower until the very last minute while enjoying delicious wafles. It was a happy day. Otsukaresamadeshita Rama, Ayu, and Indrawan!

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