The Prize for Winning Looklet Styling Contest

Still remember with Looklet Styling Contest that i joined few weeks ago? You can refresh your memory here. Since my style was the most being voted by people, so i won that contest. And the prize would be Ludic fur jacket which was being the theme of the contest. I was happy but worried in the same time. I wondered how it would be if the size of the jacket is too big. Because as i remembered, looklet team didn't ask me the size.
And when i just got back to my dorm from classes, then i found my name was written on the board, which means there's a package for me. So i quickly went to the dorm-man and asked for my package. And yeah just like what i thought, it's from looklet.
Here i post the photos..

Thanks for everyone who voted and thanks to Looklet :)

Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda

Yoww everyone, selamat hari sumpah pemuda!! Let's be a creative, initiative, and high spirited youth generation to make our country better!
Just had japanese test this morning. Thanks God i could make it.
And i'm in a condition when i miss my bf so much. It has been several days we haven't had communication via webcam, so feels like i haven't met him for years. Too bad.


National Blogger Day

I never knew before that today is the blogger national day (euuww..anyway i'm a kind of confused on how to translate 'hari blogger nasional' in the right way) in Indonesia. So for all blogger around, happy national blogger day :)

tepat tgl 27/10. ingin jd yg pertama ucapakan: selamat HARI BLOGGER NASIONAL! pergi ke palu membawa koper, jayalah selalu hai para Blogger! -copied from Mr. Tifatul Sembiring's tweet


After a hard week, ended with typhoon yesterday. Yes typhoon, you may bring all of my tiredness, sadness, and any other suck feelings fly with you. I don't mind at all. This week should be an energetic, fun week since we're going to have a biggest campus event here. We call it shuukakusai or maybe it's okay if we make a translation of it by harvest festival. There will be many stalls selling many kind of foods either japanese foods or international foods. Since there will be some food stalls from Indonesia, Philipine , Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Latin America, Mongolia, China. And of course many food stalls from Japan. People from all over Tokyo may come those three days start from October 30th to November 1st.
So, you reader, if you live around Tokyo, we'll be glad to welcome you here at Tokyo University of Agriculture, Setagaya Campus :)

Anyway, this is the latest style i made in Looklet.


At This Point..

Hm..Maybe it's going to sound a bit melancholic, but it can't be helped. At the moment, i'm not feeling good about anything. There's something that has gone lately. I miss my time when i could get around with my friends. Either during high school time or during previous college time. Sometimes i could be too talkative around them, but sometimes i could be so quiet and just looking at them talking about everything. No matter how i was, i felt happy when they were around. Even they're not some people who were really close to me, even they're not always be whom i talked to when i had problems (sometimes i did for sure), but there's such feeling that i was into them. It felt like i could blend with them.
These 6 last months, since i just started a new life experience, studying abroad, living far away from parents, leaving everything behind, i feel like i can't feel being into some people. I have friends here. Of course i'm not a kind of person who can't make a new friendship. But somehow, i can't really blend with them, neither to my international friends nor indonesians. It's not like i hate them. Absolutely not. They're all unique. More characters are found in them. I'm glad that i could have a lifetime experience living in this international atmosphere. I could meet people from many parts of the world. I wonder why i couldn't feel the feeling that i had before. Sometimes i think 'ok, maybe it's just about time. hey you! you're just living here for quite short time! you still have many more time to find the happiness being around them'.

Sorry for posting such a thing like this.
Goodnite everyone!

Quick Stop

People are not made only by themselves;
they are also made by those around them


picture was taken from somewhere


Vote For My Style in Looklet Styling Contest

I have told you before that i'm so crazy about looklet. Almost everyday i make new styles in looklet. In looklet, there's a looklet styling contest every two weeks. And since i made my looklet account, i always enter the contest.
This week there's Ludic Fur Contest. And finally one my style entry becomes a nominee. So everyone, if you have looklet account, please vote for my style :)

click here

I hope i can win this contest. It would be nice if i could have that fur jacket because i don't have one yet. Wish me luck :)



These lately days has became so tiring. Many activities that should be done. Started from the 9th international student summit, shuukakusai no junbi (preparation for harvest fest in campus), accompanying a lecturer who was in tokyo for several days, saman dance practicing, and finally saman dance performance.

The eight of us were very spiritfull facing the upcoming saman dance performance in Hamacho. Because we 'heard' that we would be paid for ¥10.000 per person. That is a big amount of money for sure. So we did all the preparation and the performance wholeheartedly.

People there seemed to be satisfied with our performance. We were happy of that. Then when we're ready to go home, we waited for our payment. And at the time when the man who invited us gave the money. We all were shocked. It's only ¥10.000 for all + ¥5000 for transport fee. So there're only ¥15.000 that we should share together. We got twisted for sure. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Anyway, even though we were a bit disappointed, but we forgot about it right away, and be happy again.

And these are some of the happily crazy photos on the way home (on the train!)

Anyway, thanks to Indra who was kindly taking photos for us :)


Typhoon Melor

One of the strongest typhoon in the last 10 years attacked Japan today. The typhoon which is called as Typhoon Melor packing winds of up to 144 kph. Trust me it was soooo windy today. When i saw outside the window in the morning, i was shock and a was afraid to go out. But since my campus didn't announce that there's holiday, so i still had to go the campus.

Perhaps, it is the first time for me to go out when there's a typhoon. Well, it was so hard to stand properly because the wind moved so fast. And even i felt like i was going to fly whenever the winds touch myself. I was walking but since the wind keep blowing behind me, the wind keep pushing me from the back so i started to run unintentionally. Thanks God i was save after i tried to hide behind a high wall.

image from The Japan Times

Because of this typhoon, there are some train line which stopped their operation such as Yamanote line and Chuo line. The buses also stopped their operation. Many airplane's flights were being delayed during the typhoon.

Now i guess the typhoon is already gone eventhough it's still windy outside. So, everyone, take care of yourselves. Be aware when there's a typhoon. Because most of the death case when there's a typhoon is being hit by a fallen tree.


Just Arrived!

Yayy yayy..finally i have this cabinet! Do you remember about the cabinet i ordered yesterday? Yes, it just arrived at my room. I was a bit shock when the delivery man called my cell phone and i should reminded myself to speak in Japanese. And thanks God i could handle it this time. Hihihihi.

The cabinet is already in my room now, but i just put it that way and don't know when i am going to put in the right place. Because as you will see in a photo below that there's still my extra large luggage in the place where it's supposed to be a new place for my new cabinet. Damn, i am too lazy to unpack all the stuff inside those luggage. So i guess that luggage has been there that way for four days. Poor luggage.

Anyway, yayyy yayy..hippie happy! :DD


Great Investment ;p

Today is the first day i go to morning baito (again) after a long holiday. Quite tiring for the first day. I should clean all the stairs from 9th floor to 1st floor. What a work!

Anyway, i've been hoping to have a new cabinet in my-quite-narrow-room since a long long time ago. So, since i have some money to be allocated for buying a cabinet, today i asked my senpai to accompany me visiting the recycle shop. Actually, before i went to the recycle shop, i checked the price of the cabinet in a quite-big-store. But i think it's still too expensive. Then i went to the recycle shop and buy a cabinet. Well, actually it isn't a new one. It's a second-hand cabinet. But i don't care. I just need a media to keep my stuff. Unfortunately they can't deliver my cabinet today, so i need to wait till tomorrow.

After that, i went to ダイソー (read- daishoo) a.k.a 100円 shop. As usual, if i go without a clear plan about what i am going to buy, i can't control myself and decide what should i buy or not. But out of those fact, i am so happy about my great investments! You must be curious what investment that i mean. I bought a hanging table and a hanging rack. Well, maybe you will think what makes them so special?? For me they are special because they are cheap and they could help me keeping some of my stuff in my tiny room where i can't put many big rack etc. By those hanging things, i don't need to be confused on where i am gonna put them. LOL.

this is the hanging table where i can put my modem on it.

this is the hanging rack that i hang on my desk.

Random Thought

in LDR,
the main matter is distance.
but what makes it become worse is time difference!


Batik Day :D

Just arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday, September 30th. The trip was fine even though my flight from Jakarta to Denpasar had to be delayed. Thanks God this trip was a lot better than the last trip i had. So i didn't feel disappointed anymore.

Being already in Tokyo doesn't mean i couldn't wear batik today. Of course as a nice Indonesian, batik is my dresscode for a whole day (well, except now. as i already in my room and wear my pajamas). Got few photos to post but not really good shots actually.

HAPPY BATIK DAY for Indonesia :DD

ps. In these photos i wear my room slipper. When i went outside, i wear my gladiator sandal. hihihi :D

Anyway, today my college activities start. But i didn't go to morning baito this morning. I was too sleepy. And also rainy day makes me feel too lazy to go out. Still, i had to go out, cuz i had three classes from the 9 am till 5.30 pm. What a long day.

Planning to continue doing my report assignment, but still hard to start. Euuww. What a lazy me!