Gotta Leave Soon :((

H-1 before leaving to Japan again. Eeuuww.. Honestly i want to stay here in Bogor a bit longer. I still wanna spend my days with my bf. But nothing i can do. College is waiting over me (ahaha!) in other words it's gonna start soon. So i should go back to Tokyo as soon as possible. I just hope that i will have a safe and comfortable flight. I hope there will be no problem like i had on my last flight. Wish me luck everyone!

Today, i met my college-mates at lunch. We ate at Death for Chocolate in Bogor. But we didn't take any photo so i couldn't post any photo here.

Actually i want to post some photos during my holiday, but still can get enough time to filter which photos i'd to post and to post them here. Anyway i had a great holiday at home. No other place which is better than my own home.

Anyway, i just made my twitte account yesterday. So, follow me guys!


20092009 1 Syawal 1430 H

Hi everyone! In this blessing day, i'd like to say sorry for all the mistakes i've done. May Allah always be with us. Amiinnn.


Ramadhan is Over Soon

It feels such a blessing when we are still able to meet Ramadhan month every year. A month when there is full of forgiveness. But of course, we have to do the best during this month. Starts from fasting a whole month, doing Tarawih every night, etc.
Anyway, this Ramadhan month is over soon. And we're gonna face Eid Fitri Day.
So everyone, happy Eid and forgive me for all the mistakes i've done.
Minal Aidin Walfaidzin.


My New Kulkith Shoes

Well, i'm not always publishing a post each time i have i new pair of shoes. But this time, since i've been waiting for having it for quite long time. So i can't hold on my desire to publish it here. Hehe.

Yeah, at the first time, i knew about Kulkith shoes from Diana Rikasari's blog when she got a pair of shoes from it. Then i started to look for it in facebook. I was totally interested to have one of it. Then i asked mba Agnes (Kulkith owner) about the shipping fee. I was rethinking to buy it when i knew that the shipping fee costs double from the price of the shoes themselves. So i delayed to buy it. And about a week before my trip going home to Indonesia, i contacted mba Agnes and made an order. And finally here is my new Kulkith Shoes.. ^^

A Long Queue In Front Of Forever21 Store

This Forever21 store was open in Harajuku about few months ago. So actually this shop is quite new there. But, what makes me really shock is when i went to Harajuku and passed that store, there was a very long queue in front of it. I think, because there're so many people wanted to come in, so the store decided to limit the number of people who could come in for each period. Yeah, i understand why. Once i went to Forever21 store, it was so crowded so that i couldn't even enjoy looking for any stuff there.

Here i give you my shot when that long queue happened.


Tasikmalaya Earthquake

Well, i was so shock that day when suddenly i felt the earthquake. I was taking a nap when i felt like the ground was moving and i heard the vibrating sound of the window. I woke my father up but then he said don't be worry. So i just listened to him and stayed inside my house.
Then i turned on the TV looking for news program. And i found out that the earthquake was quite big. It was 7,3 SR. I was very sure that it was bigger than the last three earthquake that i had before in Tokyo.
I feel so sorry for the people in Tasikmalaya, Cianjur and other places who got so troubled after the earthquake.
But i also feel so thankful that me and family could stay safe, even my mother got a lil hurt in her foot because the earthquake happened when she was lecturing and her students suddenly ran all the way and made the chairs falling down so that one of those chair hit my mother's foot.
Let's pray everyone and let's try to help the victim in any way!


Japanese Culture (Fireworks Display and Yukata)

When it comes to summer, every year there're gonna be several fireworks displays which are held in many places in Japan. Starts from the smallest event up to the biggest event.
What i like related to fireworks display in Japan is that there will be many girls wearing yukata. Yukata is one of Japanese traditional clothes.
Here i give you a photo of mine when i wore yukata and also a photo of fireworks display i had.

Well, actually it's not a close shot because i want the whole LOVE statue could be seen. I took this photo in Shinjuku.