Home Sweet Home

Hey guys, now i'm already in my home. So happy because home is the best place ever. Especially after having a hard trip from Narita to Jakarta.
Maybe i'm gonna tell you the story on my 'going home' time. Started from Monday morning on 4.30 am (tokyotime) when Kiki woke me up. And then tried to call the boys asking if they're ready or not. And just what had been expected before, Rama woke up late. So we had to wait for him first. We left our dorm around 6.15 am. Actually we planned to leave dorm on 5.30 am. Hehehe. We could reach Shinjuku station without any problem. Then we took an airport limousine (actually it's a bus which goes to the airport.i don't understand why it is called 'limousine'). It was a bit delayed because there was a man who lost his ticket. But finally the bus moved and arrived at Narita Airport.
There was already a long queque at Garuda Indonesia's check in counter. So we stood on the line and waited until we could check in.
The trip from Narita to Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, Bali) was okay. There wasn't any trouble. But then when we arrived at Ngurah Rai, the troubles started to come. The first troubles was when we just entered the airport and needed to give a card (i don't know what the name is) but the man said that i gave a wrong card. He said "Don't you see it's written in English, it means that you're foreigner. You should have the one which is written in Indonesian." I wondered "What?! He's absolutely not a good person. I got that card on the plane. That's not my fault." But then i should fill new card which is written in Indonesian.
And then we should moved from International terminal to Domestic terminal. That time was when we really felt dissapointed with the service given by Garuda Indonesia. They said that we don't need to carry our luggages ourselves when we change the plane. But we did. They said that we don't need to pay airport tax again. But we did.
And i hate when the five of us (me, kiki, mamet, rama, and ayu) were being seperated on the plane.
Anyway, i was a bit happy when i arrived at Soekarno-Hatta and saw aziz was waiting there. I love you so, honey. I miss him a lot since the last time we met was 4 months ago.
Then we went to my house and he stayed until 11.30 pm.
Anyway, i just want to say.. "TADAIMAAA"

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