Indonesian Day 2009 at Odaiba

Yesterday, Indonesian students from Nodai, including me, went to Odaiba. We were going to perform Saman Dance in Indonesian Day which was held by TEIC Odaiba. It was the first time for me going to Odaiba. Do you know the history of Odaiba? It is a man made island made by trash. Well i don't know exactly how did the people made this island with trash. But, it is an interesting fact, isn't it? The other fun fact that i had yesterday was, from one station (i forget the name of it) to Tokyo-Teleport Station, we took Rinkai Line (train) which passed through the rail under the sea. Eventhough i couldn't see the sea, but i was so interested about it.
Anyway, i was so happy yesterday. First, because everyone was enjoying our performance so much. They said that it was cool. And another reason was, finally i ate chicken satay a.k.a sate ayam and fried rice a.k.a nasi goreng.

Then, after the event finished, we went around Odaiba. First, we went to the bay area. We saw the beautiful view of Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Tower, and the sunset. After that we went to see a giant gundam. It wa so big. But, since i'm not a big fan of gundam, i didn't really interested about it.

After that we went to Odaiba Aquacity. It's a kind of mall. We found a yukata (similiar to Kimono, but mostly being wore on summer) store on a big sale. I bought an obi for my yukata. Can't wait to wear it next week :). There also an replication of Liberty. Finally, we went home after a very long tiring but happy day.

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