Kite ( たこ)

Monday morning rain is falling.. (Sounds like one of Maroon 5's soon isn't?)..
This kind of weather is so perfect for having a good long sleep. Ahahaha. Unfortunately it's not Sunday, but it's Monday. I have a lot of things to do. Starts from morning baito until the financial statement's course. It's a long day for sure.
Now, i'm having my break time after done with Japanese review test. Oh my God. The listening section was so hard. The speakers talked so fast so that i did not even recognize what they were saying. But i hope i'll get a good mark for this test.
Anyway, today i feel like a kite. Why? Because i wear such a outfit like this (like kite) while the wind is quite blowing.


Ramadhona Saville said...

kapan keluar nilai nihongo?

edhika said...

tadi baru dibagiin..
cuman dpet 90..
payahh ne!