Kite ( たこ)

Monday morning rain is falling.. (Sounds like one of Maroon 5's soon isn't?)..
This kind of weather is so perfect for having a good long sleep. Ahahaha. Unfortunately it's not Sunday, but it's Monday. I have a lot of things to do. Starts from morning baito until the financial statement's course. It's a long day for sure.
Now, i'm having my break time after done with Japanese review test. Oh my God. The listening section was so hard. The speakers talked so fast so that i did not even recognize what they were saying. But i hope i'll get a good mark for this test.
Anyway, today i feel like a kite. Why? Because i wear such a outfit like this (like kite) while the wind is quite blowing.


I Was So Relieved

I had a hard time last night with my presentation stuff, and slept late at night. Then i had to wake up so early in the morning. Because today is my first day to do アルバイト (read: arubaito, means: part-time job). That's why i didn't want to be late on my first day, and also in the rest days. From now (actually i signed the contract yesterday) i work for Odakyu Building Service.
You must be curious about what kind of job that i've been doing (since i've started this morning)?!
Say yes, please? ;p
So, i'm gonna tell you now. I work as cleaning service at my campus area. It's not a bad job cuz i'm gonna get a lot of money from this job. The payment is 1300 JPY per hour from monday to friday with the working hour 07.00-08.30 and 1000 JPY per hour for saturday with the working hour 08.00-10.00. While it's not a really hard job to be honest. Me and the other 留学生 (read: ryuugakusei, means: foreign student) only have to clean the campus area. It isn't hard because there are so many people so that we are divided into some groups and clean different spots.

this is the uniform that i have to wear

After morning baito (this is how people usually say it), i began to feel so nervous. Because i was gonna present my happyou (means: presentation) soon. I can't describe how i felt at that time for sure. Extremely nervous. I was thinking of not going to the first class for final preparation (reviewing the material and so on). But then i kept going to the first class. And after the first class finished, i felt so bad. I thought i wasn't ready yet.
But then i had to go on. And precentate my happyou. Well, after the discussion session, when people could ask as many as they wanted as long as there are still enough time, then i closed my happyou. And i was so relieved at that time. No more burden. Yippeee!!!


Just Done With the First Try

Do you remember my post titled 'Fake Real Texture Tutorial (by Vered)'? I've done a little practice following the tutorial. And now i'm gonna show you the result.

What do you think guys? Not really bad, is it? Hehe.. :)


Fake Real Texture Tutorial (by Vered)

I just googled a whole day, then finally i made myself feels so curious about how to create a texture page using photoshop. Then i found the tutorial. I'll learn to create some textures soon.

If you want to learn too, just click here for the tutorial. :)


Long Distance Relationship

What do you guys think about LDR? Is it fun? Is it suck?

Personally i hate LDR. Yes, i do. And i hate the fact that now i'm doing such LDR. I don't like being far from someone i love. It's like screw myself up. I often get mad because i can't accept the fact that i can't be far from him. I want to stay close with him in every second of my life.

Okay, in the beginning, i was the one who decided to go abroad. I was the one who decided to go far away from him. But it was not because i don't want to stay close with him. There was a reason why i should decided so.

Now, i'm not regret that i've decided to go abroad. Because i like the place where now i'm living at. But i just regret that i should lost all the time which could be spent together with him.

Sometimes i feel so tired to do it. I feel like maybe this is the time to give up. Maybe this is the time to end everything. But is it?

I have so many dreams of how our life will be in the future. I don't want to let them all dissapear. Can i survive? Can he? Can we? I really don't know. I'm just hoping so.


Is It Silly? :p

I'm 19 years old. And i just bought my FIRST mascara!
I don't know why but i just feel like, euuww, maybe those girls around town had already bought their first mascara on their earlier ages than me.
The reason why i never had mascara before, because in my previous university, Bogor Agricultural University, i never saw the girls doing some make up touch on their face. Maybe they just use such compact powder. So i always think twice before i want to have some make up on my face.
In my previous university, i used to use only moisturizer and baby powder on my face, and purple or brown eye liner, and lip balm sometimes.
But now, here in Tokyo, in my present university, every girls here do so much efforts with their make up. So, i just started to think about buying a new mascara, hehe. And finally i bought it yesterday after finishing the last course.

Lash Expander Frame Plus - Majolica Majorca - 1.260 JPYIt has two sides of the brush, what i know is that this kind of mascara makes your eye lash seems thicker. Because there was a picture of how your eye lash will be next to the sample, at the store.