It was My First Time Doing the Saman Dance

Yepp. As i mentioned in the title of this post.

So, it has been a kind of habitual that Indonesian people in my campus become the volunteer to take part in entertainment session of Komaba KIND welcome party for the new monbugakusho students. The entertainment is to do the saman dance.

Since this is my first year in my present university, so it's going to be the first for me to take part in saman team. Although i ever saw the saman dance for many times, but i never imagined that i would do that dance myself.

It was very hard for me to practise it. While my feet were so terrible when i had to sit in such position. By only practising 4 times, finally i had to be ready to perform.

Oh yes, it was May 16th, 2009 around 8.00 pm (GMT +9).

I was soooo nervous. Haha. But finally my team and me could make it. Yippeee!

Here are some photos when we were dancing..

After dancing..
Well no matter it was perfect or not, i was so happy that day. I wish there will be other chances to do the saman dance again^^.

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Ramadhona Saville said...

eh ada gwnya tau