Photo shots

These are my own photo shots. I borrowed the camera from Rama, click here to see his awesome photo shots.

a man was eating

it was someone's plate

I was curious about how to play with focus lens when taking photo using SLR. Those photos are not spectacular. But i'm just happy to see my first shots. hehe.

Saturday Morning at Campus

Today's activities (half day's activities):
  • Cleaning up my room :)
  • Having breakfast
  • Take a bath
  • Going to campus!
Now, here i am. At my campus, facebooking, taking photos around here, updating blog, searching for sources for my assignments (but i haven't done this one.LOL). Yayy!

menu for today's breakfast (rice, shrimp nugget, tartar sauce)

my campus view from where i'm sitting now :)

i think those high school's students are having such campus tour


Nihongo no Tesuto

Just finished today's Japanese exam. I don't know did i do it perfectly or not. But i hope so :)
For Japanese people, maybe this test will be so much easy. But for me, i should do extra efforts to answer all the questions, thinking not only once but twice or even more before deciding what are the right answers.
It's been 2 months i stayed in Tokyo. But still, i feel like an alien each time i want to talk with Japanese people. Nihongo (Japanese Language) is totally hard for me. It's not only because of the grammar or vocabulary, but in speaking style, there are so much rules in order to stay polite. Last night i studied nihongo, then i read that when you want to talk about the topic with someone, you can't talk straight to the topic, but you should do some steps before it, maybe such opening speech. That's why it becomes harder.
But i'm happy though. I'm so spiritful to learn more the nihongo. I hope i can mastered it soon :)


Happy Hippie Yay!

Hehe. Maybe i'm too childish or whatever, but i'm so happy that finally i have my own bicycle. I just bought it yesterday. Not a very expensive one, but it's expensive enough so that i should sacrifice a lot from this month's scholarship.
But i don't care. Happy. Happy. Happy. Yayy!

with my new red bicycle!


Sunday Night at Royal Host

Having such girls' talks while eating ice cream. So yummy :9
These are the photos of what we had last night.

Desert Menu 2009

kiki, me :), mba rani

pouring the hot chocolate
There also some others desert menus that you can order.
  • yogurt germany - price 577 JPY - 420kcal
  • kiwi yogurt parfait - price 472 JPY - 285 kcal
  • boiled tokachi red bean with cream, agar jelly and bean jam - price 556 JPY - 351kcal
If you are in a journey to Japan, don't forget to stop by at Royal Host :)


Koishikawa Korakuen

One day, i had a fieldtrip with my environment and landscape of Japan class to Koishikawa Korakuen. It is one of great public parks in Japan. It is located in Tokyo, near to Tokyo Dome. The nearest station are Iidabashi Eki and Suidabashi Eki. The entry tiket is 300 JPY per person. I can say this entry fee is quite cheap, although there are also some parks which do not require entry fees.
At the first time, i was thinking it would be boring there. But then, i found a fact that it was not boring at all.
This parks was made by Mito's family in many years ago. There was also a mansion but now it had changed into Baseball Stadium.
What makes this park interesting is there are a lot of histories or stories behind the architecture of the park. If you come to Tokyo, i suggest you to arrange your time, go there and don't forget to hire a guide so that you will know all the stories behind them.
Among many things there, i found two interesting things, they are male stone and female stone. Haha. I don't know why but at the time i found them, i laugh. Here i put the photos of that stones.
male stone
female stone
Anyway, now i'm watching the ballroom dancer practising in front of me. It's so interesting. I wonder if i could dance like them too. Hehe.


It was My First Time Doing the Saman Dance

Yepp. As i mentioned in the title of this post.

So, it has been a kind of habitual that Indonesian people in my campus become the volunteer to take part in entertainment session of Komaba KIND welcome party for the new monbugakusho students. The entertainment is to do the saman dance.

Since this is my first year in my present university, so it's going to be the first for me to take part in saman team. Although i ever saw the saman dance for many times, but i never imagined that i would do that dance myself.

It was very hard for me to practise it. While my feet were so terrible when i had to sit in such position. By only practising 4 times, finally i had to be ready to perform.

Oh yes, it was May 16th, 2009 around 8.00 pm (GMT +9).

I was soooo nervous. Haha. But finally my team and me could make it. Yippeee!

Here are some photos when we were dancing..

After dancing..
Well no matter it was perfect or not, i was so happy that day. I wish there will be other chances to do the saman dance again^^.

The Pride of Being Indonesian Representative

Okay, finally i've decided what i'm going to post for the first time. LOL.

Since now i'm living in Tokyo, Japan, sometimes i feel so proud when people have curiosity about Indonesia, as it is my homecountry. So, i was so interested when there're chances to represent anything about Indonesia, for example showing our culture. Yepp. Finally i danced for twice on April 2009.

What do you think about Japanese people reaction?

Well, they were so interested to watched the dance. Oh yeah, i forget to tell you what dance it was. It's Bali's traditional dance which is called Cendrawasih. Japanese people were courios about the story behind Cendrawasih dance and also the costum that i wore.

this is my photo.LOL.

Anyway, do you all know what is the story behind Cendrawasih dance? As Indonesian people, it's better if you know it^^.

So, in short, this dance tell a story about a couple of birds that playing together.

Hoho. Keep that on your mind guys! Then see ya!



just want to say hello to my new blog and you!
still thinking about what i'm going to post here. so just wait for it!